Checklist for Good Blogging

A few tips on how to improve your blog posts. Make sure each post you publish:

  1. Makes a clear point. There should be ABSOLUTELY NO doubt in the reader’s mind what key thought you are trying to convey.
  2. Has life & personality: If your point involves an opinion, all the better. People want to know what you think, so tell them. Don’t be shy about injecting your personality into your commentary.
  3. Is short. Your point will be clearer and more people will read it if you practice the art of brevity. Aim for posts from 200 words to 350 words. Anything more is okay, but if you do write longer, be sure to click “more” and create a jump page.
  4. Has a catchy title. Titles are what entice people to read blog posts, so stop and think about what yours should say. Examples of effective blog headline formulas are at the CopyBlogger site.
  5. Contains good links. Be thoughtful about what you choose to send people to read elsewhere online. Provide them with context for each link, too, by carefully selecting the words you hyperlink, so your readers will have a good idea of where they are going before they click.
  6. Proofread and re-read. Run spell-check on every single post, and then re-read it again before you hit that “publish” button. Spelling errors and typos leave a bad impression with readers.

About Leslie Walker

Leslie Walker teaches Internet journalism at the University of Maryland.

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